How to Start a Wedding Planning Business

Wedding Planner Tips That Will Give You More Customers

Wedding planners have the hardest job. Wedding planning ideas, on the other hand, are being exhausted and without something fresh, your wait for clients can take longer. To be the perfect wedding planner, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. However, it is good to start by knowing that you may not be able to do all the work alone. There are so many weddings taking place these days, and for a wedding planner, you need to know the right questions to ask your clients before initiating the planning phase, and they include;

The type of wedding

There are different types of wedding, ranging from traditional, religious, and standard weddings. You have to find out the kind of wedding your clients prefer so that you can decide your first step. It is also important to know that you may not be good at arranging for traditional weddings, for example, and that is where your team comes in. You will need a short time to get the facts right about the traditional wedding because you will get help from the team. Other than getting the facts about the kind of wedding and the involved rituals, you will then know the kind of items to be bought.

The budget

This is basically the one factor that will make everything possible. The higher the budget, the better a wedding can be because more items can be afforded. Knowing your clients budget is vital because it will help you to know what they can get. However, as a wedding planner, it is your duty to ensure that the clients get more than their money’s worth. It doesn’t, however, mean that you will have to dig into your pockets rather make the best out of the budget given. If the clients are demanding more than what they can afford, don’t throw a no as an answer. Advice for other viable options and carefully explain why they should consider your options.

Do they have fantasies?

Try to find out if the couples had ever imagined how their wedding should be. Having a wedding exactly how you imagined it or something almost similar will make the day memorable forever. His is a great place to pick up the right theme ideas for the wedding because some of the fantasies are wild and unreal to be achievable. However, if you can present the fantasy in the form of a theme, you shall have made your clients happy. The perfect wedding idea is always with your clients, and you can use their ideas to come up with something better.

How long is the guest list?

Many people don’t know this, but wedding planners need to be involved in coming up with the guest list. Know that the number of people to expect at a wedding will help you so much to know what you can and cannot get for the ceremony. If you have a longer list, for example, the gadget also has to go up because from space to food, you will need more of everything in order to manage everyone. That is why many wedding planners will want to work with a more manageable guest list. That makes it possible to organize things like transport easily.

What kind of entertainment

Know that the couples that you are dealing with a representation of the guests that are expected. That means the guests will be around the same age as your clients and most probably share certain interests. You should try to find out from the couples the kind of entertainment that should be the best. You can try to throw in some ideas just to get their reaction, but the best trick is always to have something special up your sleeves. If the couples decide to have a DJ play music during their wedding, you can use your methods to find out their favorite DJ and make it a surprise.

Time and date

Setting the date of a wedding is a tricky process, you want a day that is convenient for everybody. Some people wed during the day, and others prefer doing it during the night. Whichever the case, a wedding planner should be prepared. The reason why the day chosen for the wedding must be done critically is that there is much to consider. If the event is planned to take place outdoors, you will want to confirm if the weather will be favorable. Setting the date also enables the planner to book the venue on time. Without a date, the whole preparation is meaningless because planning for anything only works if there is a deadline.

The groom and brides’ maids

Typically, people choose their friends to be their brides’ maid. However, this may not be the best idea because the maids need to be people close to almost wedded. As a wedding planner, you need to advise your client to choose their family, member of possible to be part of the maids. That’s is because many people who have done weddings and used distant friends end up regretting because they don’t have the same connection anymore. With family members or very close friends, even the pictures will still make sense in the future.


As much as you are responsible for making everything happen as a wedding planner, know that the best idea is not yours. Pay more attention to what your clients want but make it better and if you can do the impossible, surprise them. A wedding is one of the most important ceremonies on earth, and the only thing you want is to make them remember their wedding to be exceptional.

Before making a final decision about anything affecting the wedding, try to consult your team. That is because of perception matters and in the wedding party, you will have all kinds of perceptions present. Try to seal off all corners and remain with a solid plan. You can draw inspirations from many sources but most importantly make sure that you give it a unique twist.

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