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Wedding Planner Tips That Will Attract More Clients Your Way

Making a wedding the most memorable day in someone’s life is one of the primary jobs of a wedding planner. The issue in this profession, however, is that it is one of the most competitive ones with creative ideas out doing each other all the time. Technology has played a significant role in improving wedding celebrations, and for a wedding planner, some of your inspiration should be from modern technology.

Additionally, you should try out the following tips for a glamorous wedding;

Don’t work alone

As a wedding planner, there is nothing that you can get done alone which is out of the box. That is because you will be using only your creativity, knowing that to better that two heads are better than one. With your team, you can evaluate ideas and combine your creative efforts to give the groom a reason to remember every moment of the day. Also, with more hands, you will get access to more resources. People have connections you lack to access things you thought needed to cost you so much money.

Don’t work on a fixed budget

Wedding planners like to work with a budget, and so is everyone in the service industry. For a wedding planner, the budget that you should work with is not exactly the amount you will need. Know that anything can happen during the planning. For example, the invites may need to be corrected after some or all have been printed, or the bride’s dress may need a few last adjustments. You need to be well prepared because a simple mess can ruin the day. That will not only leave you with a bad review but will also make it the worse day for the couples.

Choose the right theme

The theme of the wedding usually sets the mood. That is why most weddings tend to be decorated with romantic colors. You should also know that the theme goes a long way into the music and the venue. To make it easier for you, finding out the preferred theme from the couples can point you in the right direction.

Professional coverage

If you don’t know it yet, photographs are an essential part of the day. To make it better, some planners even provide full coverage of the wedding process. The reason why making a professional coverage is that it leaves a lasting memory and also shows how professional a planner is. In the past, photographers were highly recommended. The level of technology today has made it easier to cover the whole process from the planning up to the day of the wedding.

Plan for the right entertainment

Entertainment is an integral part of any wedding. It’s a celebration, and the best way to seal it off is with something fun to do. Wedding entertainments can go from games, music, or even a live performance by a guest artist. Before choosing the entertainment, however, you will want to pay attention to the guest list. Remember that entertainment goes with age and at most weddings, the activities don’t have to be so exaggerated because it is a decent event. If anything, you can hire entertainers for a high energy performance that will excite the guests.

The location should be so much more

Site is everything at a wedding and people are ready to spend a lot, so just they can wed somewhere special. As a wedding planner, you need to keep all the lovely locations in your back pocket. The bad thing is, this is not something that you can do behind a computer. Finding a place means going to the ground. If you don’t know it, location access is one of the reasons why many new wedding planners tend to have limited options. Wedding ceremonies can be conducted in any given place as long as the setup is satisfactory. However, make sure that it is somewhere quiet and secluded to set the mood right.

Start planning early

The earlier you start to prepare for a wedding, the easier your job shall be. That is because you will be securing everything you need way before time and also gives you room to consider your options. With more time on your hands, getting it right is easy since you will also be around more time around the almost to wed. The advantage of this is, you will get to collect more useful information that can help you satisfy their fantasy.

Control the guest list

This is yet another critical factor to consider. Typically, weddings are supposed to bring the families of couples and close friends together. That means the guest list needs to be strictly for the mentioned. It is also good to know that if the guest list is manageable, you will not have to deal with a big budget. The best way to come up with the right guest list, however, is by going through the process with the couples.

Keep some surprises

Who doesn’t love surprises, especially at weddings where they most probably don’t expect one. Typically, as a wedding planner, you want to impress everyone in the event. The reasons for this are clear because you want a good reputation and referrals. There are various creative ways that you can surprise the guests and your clients. One of them is by hiring a surprise performer. This brings us back to the point of beginning to plan early. You see, by spending time with the couples, you will get to know things like who their favorite artists are and who they would wish to be at the wedding.


To plan a successful wedding, you need something unique that stands out from the rest of other weddings around. Also, know that you will need to attend as many marriages as you can to gain ideas and understand what is new. Remember that a good wedding planner only requires a good idea which comes from experience in most cases. If you are new to this profession, you can improve your skills by taking online wedding planning courses.

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