How to become a wedding planner or start a wedding business

Best Templates Source Ideas and Other Helpful Facts for Any Wedding Planner

Establishing a wedding planning company takes a lot of preparation. So many people wish that they could be wedding planners but are discouraged because they think that it requires a significant investment. The truth is, a wedding planning company requires very little to start. In most cases, you will not need to invest a lot until you are properly established. Research has it that most wedding planners consider this profession as a part-time job. If you are thinking along the same line, know that it is all possible even without a background in wedding planning. However, this is what you will have to do;

Enroll for a professional course online

Numerous websites offer wedding planning courses, and you can quickly enroll for one and earn a professional course. However, you need to make sure that you enter in one that is recognized in your state. During your course, you will be taught about the fundamentals of planning a wedding and some of the things you need to know about this profession.

Another thing that you are most likely during your course is how to start a wedding planning website. This is a crucial topic, and you need to pay proper attention. That is because your website will play the part of making the first impression with your clients. There are many ways that you can create a website, and the simplest method is by hosting your site on platforms like Shopify. Shopify is designed for a person who has no background in building websites can come up with one.

That is because this platform comes with pre-designed website templates that are easy to customize. That means, after setting up your Shopify account, you should be able to design your site without having to involve a professional web developer. Another benefit of using Shopify as a host is that it is an e-commerce platform and will allow you to sell service packages directly from your website.  Also, the platform uses e-commerce enhanced servers. What that means is, these servers are tailored to support e-commerce and lack some of the elemental weaknesses that regular servers have.

Sharpen your skills

As much as you can learn a thing or two about planning weddings on the internet, it is crucial to know that what counts is what you can do on the ground. A wedding planner can attend as many weddings as possible, but unlike other guests, they will be more focused on key factors that influence the outcome of the wedding. Other than attending weddings, you can try to gain experience by working for a wedding planning company. As an aspiring wedding planning company entrepreneur, you will want to spend much time trying to learn how things are done.

Other than the planning part, you will need to take a keen interest in how your boss is relating to other players like caterers and vendors. In most occasions, these are people who have been doing business for a while and what you should pick a few tips from them. As a new wedding planner, you will want to partner up with a new catering service provider or restaurant. You will also want to secure the right connections with vendors. By participating in an actual wedding planning work, you will stand a better chance to interact with these people.

Work on a good marketing strategy

When taking your online course, you will come across a topic on marketing your wedding company online. With your website, you should be able to implement all kinds of online marketing strategies. Usually, people focus their marking strategies on social media platforms which is not a bad thing. However, statistics has it that more wedding planners got a business call after the clients used the search engine to look for these services. Search engine optimization is usually the best tool for marketing, but you must have a website if you expect it to work for you.

When starring up, you most likely don’t have enough resources to hire online marketing comp0anies, but you don’t have to. There safe also digital marketing courses online that can help you find your way around getting people to discover your company. However, not every wedding planner finds this suitable because the organizing job is already overwhelming. You can, therefore, use your friends or family for now, especially if they know their way around digital marketing or they don’t mind taking a professional course online. This leads us to our next point which is;

Don’t go in alone

You have just started your wedding company, and already you have seen how overwhelming it can be. That is why when setting up, share the news with close friends and families, and you never know who will want to help you. As much as you cannot put them on payroll, you can always motivate them if they do a good job and the client is impressed. Other than helping you in the planning process, having a team will help meet targets faster and develop better ideas for your wedding. You should understand that when you are in charge of a wedding, it becomes bigger than everything. Some wedding planners resolve to work with other planners for the success of this special day.

Thanks to the internet, you are even allowed to outsource for services online, for example, designing wedding invitations. All in all, you can never get everything done by yourself unless you have several months for planning.


With more people venturing into this profession, it is good to know that more weddings are also taking place. Never worry about the low price that you are setting for clients as you start. That is because it requires a good understanding and enough experience to be capable of attracting high paying clients. Also, you will need to intensify your online marketing plan because the rich people will want to go for the most popular services around. They believe that they charge high rates for the best deliverance. Your new wedding planning company can, therefore, land a big deal after a very short stay only if you follow the right rules.

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