Strategies Every Successful Wedding Planner Needs

Best Templates Ideas and Tips for a Beginner Wedding Planner

Weddings are some of the most valued ceremonies in the world. Glamour and some class always surround them. A wedding planner bears an enormous burden in organizing these marriage ceremonies, and it comes with a lot of pressure. There are so many wedding planners today, and from the statistics, the number keeps increasing by the day. This can only be explained with one factor, which is online wedding planning courses. Anybody can become a professional wedding planner these days and even get a professional certificate. However, know that there is more to being a wedding planner than earning a certificate online

The technical part

There is no way that you can start planning a wedding without knowing what a wedding feels and looks. If you cannot find a part-time job at a wedding company, try to attend as many wedding as you can. Planning a wedding is more practical and will force you to go down to the ground. When on the ground, don’t forget that you have a company to build and some of the connections that you will seriously need are now closer to you. Make the right connections and try to meet as many people associated in this field like caterers and vendors. That is because when your company is ready, they will be your most significant assets.

The technical part of planning a wedding is a section of the work that you will have to do. Note that as the wedding planner, you are the center of everything, including controlling the guest list. Sometimes, the people who the marrying couples want to be at the wedding so bad can cancel. Such disappointments can erupt tension and emotional imbalance. As a wedding planner, you need to know how to deal with this.

Know how to be persuasive

As mentioned, wedding planning is a competitive field, and if you cannot get a hold of your clients, then you are in for a significant loss. People who want to marry usually are excited and will, therefore, want to work with a certified professional. This is why you need to register your company to help you earn their trust faster. Also, you need to have an excellent website that is compatible with most devices and easy to navigate. In many occasions, your website will be the first place your clients end up when looking to hire your services.

The good news is, you can quickly design your website even with any background in web design on platforms like Shopify. That is because this e-commerce software comes with pre-designed website templates and allows for a wide range of customization. If you have to sell your service packages online, an e-commerce wedding planning website will do you good. However, you will need to ensure that your customers and site are secured from hackers. When you host your website on Shopify, your site security is assured, and regardless of the size of your traffic, your site will always be functioning. That is because Shopify also offers free hosting services to its clients using e-commerce modified servers.

You will also want to have a business plan for your business. Other than clients hiring your services, you need to consider the possibility of investors wanting to partner with you. Writing a good business plan is always a problem that does not have to be. There are enough templates for business plans for wedding companies that you can use. Alternatively, you can pay for your plan to be written by an expert if you find it hard to develop one by yourself. When coming up with a wedding planning business plan, you will want to pay more attention to the structure and the contents likewise. Don’t be boring and disorganized on your professional document.

Don’t search for clients in the air, lead them to you

After launching a wedding planning company, many people storm social media platforms making noise about a new wedding planner in town. Although this may not reap immediate results, it will go a long way to making your social media pages accessible. However, research shows that many people to get married will use the search engines to find a wedding planner. With such a piece of information, you will need to ensure that you use the right marketing strategy.

Search engine optimization has worked for many online wedding companies. The only problem is, it is a technique that is shared by many people, not only in wedding planning. You can also consider email marketing, but you need to be selective about your emailing list and the contents of your mails. People can only get married once, and if you have to share content, it should be around the niche of marriage.

Leaning online marketing should be an added advantage, and you can do so by also taking online marketing courses. If you cannot manage that, then get a professional to help you. Some wedding planners have been in the market for months without any client approach, yet weddings take place almost every day. That can only be explained by one factor, poor marketing.

If you work alone, you are ruined

No wedding planner works alone. Everybody needs help at some point, and if things get serious, you may even work with another wedding planner. Don’t forget that the wedding that you are planning is more significant than any other thing at that moment. If you can pull together a team, ensure that they have a skill that they can contribute to better your service provision. There is a lot to be done when planning a wedding even if it the smallest wedding you have ever planned. A lot of movement is involved in planning, and at times you may be needed to be in two places at the same time.


When you have to launch your wedding planning company, you need to be aggressive if you want to win more clients. Note that the more you get exposed by serving more clients, the higher your chances of landing a major deal.


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