How to Write a Wedding Planning Business Plan

How to Make Money as A Wedding Planner Without Waiting Too Long

Being a wedding planner is one of the most lucrative occupations in the world. However, this depends on the kind of clients that you attract. The number of wedding planners is rising on the daily, and that is all because you can become a wedding planner by taking a professional course online. However, this is not all that you will need for you to make money from this profession.  Experts advise that if you want to make good money from planning weddings, you need to consider the following;

Get the right skills

Although it is said that one can become a professional wedding planner by taking professional courses online, it is good to know that this i8s, not enough. Weddings are more of practical activity, and that means, to fully qualify to the level of charging your clients, you need to have some real experience on the ground. That is why any wedding planner with an online certification requires to either get a job in a wedding planning company or if possible, attend many weddings and taking notes of how things are done.

A good wedding planner should also get his or her inspiration from the right source. Remember that sooner or later, you are going to meet your first client. The first jo is always the deal-breaker in this industry because it can leave you with a good or bad review. Practical skills also matter a lot because it shows your level of experience. While learning on the job, you should take the opportunity to create connections with some of the vendors and service providers at other weddings.

Register your company

Many wedding clients these days don’t want to spend money knowing very well that there is no security for it. That is why people who want to wed will go on search engines and type “professional wedding planner.” A professional wedding planner has all the required credential and most importantly, is recognized by the authorities or a responsible body. When you register your wedding planning company, you shall have added a little weight on your level of professionalism. Other than acquiring legal documentation, you need to ensure your business.

Wedding planners don’t need to own an office building, especially if you are doing it as a second job or part-time. However, with proof of insurance, you will soften the hearts of your prospects and quickly gain their trust. Try to talk about how accredited your company is because these are some of the vital things clients check on first.

Work on your first impression

Thanks to technology, first impressions are no longer made on face to face basis. Rather, the client will visit your website even without you knowing it. This makes your web design to play a major role in winning you, clients. First, you need to make sure that your website is well compatible across various platforms. Also, you need to make sure that it has the right themes and clear photographs. Additionally, you need to keep it neat and straight to the point. You don’t have to put long articles, especially on your landing page since your clients will be focused only on key points and you need to bring them out clearly.

If you can provide pricing on your website, it will be even better because the client will have a rough idea about the size of their budget, and this makes things to move much faster. For the best website design, you will have to get a professional designer if you cannot do it alone. If you would like to take it a little further into showcasing your professionalism, you can go ahead and launch your website as a way of introducing your wedding planning company to the market.

Learn how to deal with people

Wedding planners interact with all sorts of people. And because they are always in charge of the wedding planning and celebration, they have a hard task of making everyone happy. When with clients, for example, you need to make sure that they are emotionally settled so that you can pick the right ideas from them. That means you will have to know how to speak in order to get the answers that you need. This is an essential aspect when creating a surprise during the wedding. You can never know what excites the couple if you keep dominating all the time you are meeting with them to report.

Also, know that you will have vendors that also need your attention. Dealing with vendors is not easy, especially if there is a disagreement in the last minute or there is a slight change in plans. However, if you have the right words and a creative mind for solving problems, this should not be a problem. Every professional wedding planner have their favorite vendors. Most of these relationships are as a result of a good relationship each time the vendor is contracted.

Market your business properly

In this era where technology is spearheading everything, the more people you can reach with your adverts, the better. However, it is good to know that on many occasions, the clients will find you but not necessarily through your ads on social media platforms. A search engine is an essential tool for anybody searching for something or someone online. Therefore, a good SEO expert should be part of your team, that is if you cannot do it alone. In other words, you will want to get an expert to handle your online marketing tasks.


It should not go without saying that a wedding planner should at least have a team with him or her. They don’t need to be on the payroll since you are still new to this business, but a good team is vital. Better ideas and fast solutions are easy to find if you involve more than one brings. Also, during the planning process, you will need help meeting vendors, visiting the locations, or even deal with new clients.

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