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How to Make Money as A Wedding Planner for A Successful Wedding Planning Company

Becoming a wedding planner is a dream job for many people. The good thing is, becoming a professional wedding planner and even making a living out of it is secure. Today, you can take a wedding planning course online and work your way up to owning a company. However, you need to know that the theory courses that you will get from your course are only the beginning of your learning. It takes a lot to be a professional wedding planning company since it is work under pressure always. Another thing that you should know about this profession is that it is more work than you think.

Planning a wedding is not as smooth as what we view in weddings. Some of these occasions are made successful in very tricky situations. For example, as a good wedding planner, you need to have excellent skills in handling people because you are most likely to hire vendors. A good relationship with your vendors’ means everything will go as planned as long as you secure the location as agreed. There’s a lot of emotions, so you have to know how to handle such situations. During the planning process, you are required to spend most of your time with the couple to pick up ideas about what they would like their wedding to be like.

Making money as a wedding planner

It is not a lie that wedding planners make good money with the right clients. You have heard of a wedding that cost millions of dollars, and you can guess how much the planner got paid. It is although good to know that as a new wedding planner in the industry, there are several obstacles that you will need to deal with first. Know that before someone can trust you with a lot of money to organize their big days, they have big expectations. Being prepared is however the only way to make money as a wedding planner, and this is how;

Know how to present yourself

Presentation is important, and this should start straight from the website. Your website needs to look good and if possible, decorated with colors usually associated with weddings. Your site should also be easy to navigate, although it is recommended that you fit all the vital information on the landing page. Don’t forget that people will also access your website using different devices like phones or tablets. Your site needs to be compatible across all these platforms. From the website to reality, a wedding planner is someone confident when dealing with clients.

For someone who knows what they are doing, you need to look and sound like a professional wedding planner. When offering location options for your clients, you need to show high levels of preparedness. Photographs should be an excellent way to let your clients pick their choices if you cannot take them there physically.

Work on achieving a more extensive reach

As a wedding planner, you need to make yourself readily available to your customers. To do this, it will be required that you reach out to them through the most suitable means. Today, advertising agencies and other organizations have realized that it is easy to find more customers online in traditional ways. When it comes to marketing budgets in most organizations, more chunk of this money goes to digital marketing. It is therefore crucial that when marketing your services online, ensure that you have the right skills to do so.

Don’t forget that there are competitors as well and they are also after the same clients that you are using the same techniques. Therefore, if you don’t have any background knowledge in digital marketing, you should let someone who does help you. You also need to be strategic because by doing the same thing as your competitors make it hard for the client to choose. You do something like arranging to put up adverts on websites that sell wedding dresses.

Get registered

To capture the attention o your clients, you need to show a very high level of professionalism. They have to know that they can trust you with their money, and if anything, they can always find you. Additionally, people want to prefer value and quality. For them to believe that you can deliver both, they need definite proof that you can handle the job. You can go ahead and have insurance cover on your company even though being a wedding planner does not necessarily mean that you need to own an office building. However, such documentations give the clients a feeling of security and assurance.

Listen more

For you to get more clients in the future, you will rely on the reviews of the previous clients. Therefore, your delivery has to be perfect. For that to happen, you will need to spare much of your time for your clients. When doing this, speak less and listen more. There is a lot of excitement that comes with preparing a wedding that a wedding planner can use to come up with perfect wedding preparation. When you spend more time with the couples, you will get ideas about their favorite things and what they have as their dream wedding.


As a wedding planner, you will always make money if you can fully earn the trust of your clients. It does not matter if you are new to the game because the first client will always come. Additionally, you can try to get more money to improve your company from investors by sharing your business plan. This will provide you with access to excellent resources which will improve your reach and direct more clients to your platforms. However, you will need to make sure that you have a very compelling business plan because the right investors are not easily convinced.

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