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Become A Wedding Planner with Working Tips Anyone Can Apply

Weddings are celebrated all over the world, and for wedding planners, its clients keep streaming all year round. Because weddings don’t happen every day at least for a wedding planner, you can consider it as your second or part-time job. Today, being a wedding planner is a lot easier than in the past when you needed to gain experience and customers by starting as an employee. Thanks to the internet, you can become a professional wedding planner and even open up your company immediately. However, before you do so you should know that;

You need the right online course

Several online courses offer wedding planning as a career course. However, it is safe to mention that some of them belong to people who are not serious and are only interested in earning quick money. It’s therefore advisable that you do a background check on them by searching for reviews and comments on various platforms. It is also important to note that wedding planning can be a wide area and you will want to confirm if the course includes all the sections that you are interested in learning. It is also essential that you complete the course because only then can you be awarded a certificate.

Go to the ground

It is with no doubt that the only way to gain experience as a wedding planner is to take part in the process as practice. If you are passionate about running one of the biggest wedding planning companies around and the desire is too much, you can volunteer to work in a planning company. This is when you have looked for a job in one of these companies but end up with no luck. Alternatively, you can consider attending weddings to take notes from some of the local professionals. When doing this, you need to keep your eyes open for the smallest details because the planner has coordinated everything taking place in that ceremony.

Business plan

Because you have now started to grasp something, you can see yourself owning a wedding planning company in the future. At this point, you will need to develop a business plan. This is vital because your plan is like the road map to success. It is not easy managing a business without a proper plan. That is because there are a lot of things that will make you forget your ideas. Another reason why you will need to work on a business plan is that it can help you win investors and other beneficial partnership. Any new wedding planner is advised to develop a business plan as soon as possible when the idea is still fresh.

Open a website

Starting your wedding planning website is another important thing to do. That is because this is the only way through which our clients can be able to find you. According to statistics, many couples looking for wedding planners will first go to the internet before considering other options. Another benefit of starting your website is that it will make you a professional in front of your clients. With a website, you have all the platform you need to showcase. This can be from your expertise to some of the weddings that you have been in charge of. When deciding on how to design your site, pay attention to things like theme colors for your site, not forgetting how you want to brand.

In most cases, developing a website is a big problem for wedding planners even after various platforms like Shopify has made everything easy. In that case, you will have to hire a professional developer or company to design and launch your website. However, you need to be keen on your domain registration and hosting company. If you want to run an e-commerce wedding planning company, you will want to ensure that it is hosted in the correct servers. If it is just a company site that is basic, you can use normal servers since there is not so much to be protected.

Develop a marketing plan

This is the hardest part because, considering the level of competition, you need to put in more work to expand your reach. Because more people prefer using their phones, you should significantly consider digital marketing for your case. To do this successfully, you can opt for digital marketing courses online. If this means too much work than you can handle, then you should consider hiring someone for the job. One great mistake that new wedding planners make is thinking that online marketing is all about sharing posts on social media. Although it is part of the work, digital marketing entails more. Things like SEO, email marketing, and ads sponsoring are some of the primary factors that are overlooked yet are vital.

Register your business

At this point, you can say that you own a wedding planning company. However, know that credibility is one of the first things that both your prospects and possible investors will want to consider. Register your company, obtain a legal certificate for operation, and increase your chances of getting business deals. On top of registering your organization, you will want to get insurance as well. These documents are vital because they not only bring out the professionalism in you but also protect you from dealing with unexpected cases that involve the legal authorities. An insurance cover, on the other hand, will also ensure that your company is protected in case of any risk.

Pull together a team

A wedding planner has so much to do, especially when a client reaches out. The work can be overwhelming that it becomes impossible to get anything done alone. When picking a team in the beginning, you will want to have the most innovative and creative people.


Anyone can become a wedding planner if it is a calling. You can also decide to try another career and find success in wedding planning. Whichever the case, don’t forget that as much as you own a company, its future entirely depends on your presentation and delivery.

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